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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My big confession!

I knew it wasn't going to be good. I had to finally face the music and put my body on the weigh scale.

I was doing pretty good until August.  But then Alan had 2 weeks of holidays that he has never done before. 2 WHOLE weeks of fun and we both love to cook, entertain and enjoy our wine over sunsets each night...

Plus, well, you've seem the meals we have been eating!

We have been exercising, but there isn't enough exercise to compensate what we have been consuming.

So how bad was the damage?

5 lbs!

Thank goodness for the muscle I built up. I think that was my savour!  As the way I have been behaving, I should be up 15 lbs!

5 lbs. I still hate it. But I MUST admit it and be HONEST.

However, I WILL get rid of it, so just warning all of my friends and family....this blog is going to be HIT HARD with fitness routines, and HEALTHY eats!

School starts in one more day....then I am back to the GYM every single morning and ONLY clean food! LESS wine. MORE water!

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