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Monday, October 24, 2011

Because I ate chips, dip, and a million little fatty appetizers this week-end..

Lots of booze, nothing good for me at all! BUT, it was one heck of a great  40th Birthday party!  I am human.

Time to get back at the gym

1 hr spin today!

This is how GOOD Spin is! Love it!  I gave my husband a private class today...good times!

Now I am off to present this at my Resistance Training class tonight-  Tonight we have to show 2 opposing muscle groups, exercises and stretches for them.  Here is  my plan.

AGONIST: Illiopsoas vs. ANTAGONIST: Gluteus Maximus

Illiopsoas- composed of 3 muscles- Iliacus, psoas major and minor. Together these muscles work to flex the hip, rotate the hip outward, bend the spine laterally and stabilize the spine.

When they get tight, your ROM in the thighs gets compromised, poor movement, running techniques, prone to injury.

Stretches before workout: Dynamic Stretch ( movement) Leg Swing- Best before physical activity- gets body ready for movement. Stand with Left side facing wall or table- Left hand for support- Right food on floor- Swing leg high up and down- Repeat with other leg. Can also do laterally.

Bound Angle Pose: Seated on floor- back straight, grasp feet and pull them in as far as possible, carefully push down your knees. Hold 20-30sec.

Exercise for the Iliopsoas Muscle:

Leg Lift: Simple way to isolate the hip flexors. Lie down on the floor with arms at your sides until straight. Lift your right leg until the hip is at a 90* angle, slowly lower down to the starting position. If more than 15 reps can be done easily, ankle weights may be added. Or progress by doing this in a standing position. Can do on chair or ball. Do 2 reps of 12.

GLUTEOUS MAXIMUS:  The Antagonist of the Illiopsoas. The largest of the 3 gluteal muscles. ( maximus, medius, and minimus)

Gluteal Stretch:

In seated position, legs straight out- bend one knee and put over opposite leg. With upper body still straight- pull back on knee and feel stretch in opposite buttock. Hold for 20-30 seconds, switch.

Gluteus Maximus Exercise:

Leg- Buttock Raise:

Lay flat on back, arms at side, one knee bent, lift one leg straight up, body aligned, buttocks off the floor and down. 2 sets of 12 each side.

To make this more difficult, you can add weights, and or hold for a few seconds while up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tonight's Spin Routine

Warm-up: Moves like Jagger 3:21

Push-pull, pull your feet up, focus on up, left foot, right foot, both, Neutral spine, belly button in like you’re wearing a tight pair of jeans, or about to get a puck to the gut! Shoulders up and back..neutral spine, use your legs and lungs, do not use the handle bar as your stress ball. Let it all out with your legs and breathing…knees straight ahead, and even ( demonstrate), wiggle fingers, 3 different hand grips, think of running over hot coals, lightly down, kick UP! Don’t mash down the pedal ( just your quads get the work-out) but if you – use a smooth motion, push pull, and you will recruit your glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors too! , SMILE, breathe, lift your ribs, drink, this is YOUR work-out….you decide how badly you want it.

ZONES: Sexy and I know it 3:19 Lets review our Zones-- Zone 1 easy- warm-up RPE- 5-6, HR Max- 50-60% Zone 2- Challenging, but comfortable, RPE-6-7, HR Max: 65-75%, Zone 3 Challenging, and uncomfortable- RPE-7-8, Max HR-75-85%, Zone 4- Breathless, not maximum, but close, winded. RPE- 8-9, HR max- 85-90%- ( move them all over the place for the remainder of the song)

Party Rock Anthem 4:23- Cruise at Zone 2 for 1 minute, “ shake that”- stand up- Zone 3, go hard ( 15 sec), sit back down, Zone 2 ( chorus) bring up the tension every 10 seconds..until “ shake that”…seated and drink. “ step up fast”- get up again, slowing bring up tension to maximum until music reaches peak, then back down, Zone 2, flush it out…sprint..Body posture check. GOOD WORK!

Pyramid; ( OMG- 6:35)

Zone 1, 30 sec, + 2 gears, 30 seconds. Zone 2- 30s- + 2 gears 30s, Zone 3- 30s- + 2 gears 30s, Zone 4- 30 s, push it! + 2 gears- 30s. Zone 3- 30 s, - 2 gears for 30s, Zone 2- 30s, - 2 gears for 30s….flush out.

Bon-Bon- 3:36- Jumps-  Up out of saddle for 1234,  over your saddle but not down 1234, Zone 2-3

We found Love- Rihanna- 3:36 ( new song- #2 on the charts), play with the music, feel it out, go hard when the song goes hard,

Rebellion ( Lies) 5:11 Hill Climb: Zone 2- 30 seconds, and increase by 1-2 gears every 20 seconds--- tough one! Long and steady, we can do this! Do your push/pull, use all of the leg muscles to help you out. Quads and hamstrings- make them both work for you.

Rain Over Me- 3:51- Look to your left. You are about to race that person. We are in southern France- The weather is great- small hills ahead though. Pace yourself, but try and get ahead when I tell you. That person to your left just passed you, crank it up to Zone 4, out of the saddle and pass them! ( 1 minute!) GO! You can do it! Chase them down….with a smile of course! Ok, time for a rest, you are in the lead, 1 minute of zone 2 recovery, but keep up the pace.. uh oh!? They took the lead on you again! ZONE 4, hard- 1 minute!….you WON! ( but somehow, we ALL won!? Yay! For us!)

We are the Champions! 3:01- Cool down….pat yourself on the back.  GOOD job!  woohoo!

Stretch the arms, get off bike, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, glutes, calves...

then off to do some Resistance training for Upper body.

Need accountability and support! .. aka KICK IN THE ASS!?

I have a friend that needs a little motivation and has asked for help.  ( Hi Amanda!)

 I know all of us need it, as living fit and healthy isn't always easy- for ANYONE. It's hard work, as it is so much easier to sit down and relax, put on our comfy PJ's, turn on the tube, or open a book/magazine.
Not to mention we have tempting, tasty convenience foods all around us, we're all busy, trying to make a living and keep life going  for the kids, husband, etc... ok...we all know, I don't need to keep going.

500 calories lost in a day will make you lose 1 lb a week! I promise you that.

Find a way, even it you only have 10 minutes to do a quick run or jumping jacks at your work desk! DO IT! What I have been taught.. when anyone asks? " What is the best exercise!?"  Answers:  " ANY that you WILL DO!"..

every little  bit DOES count...be it in your food or activity level. 

So these are my tips:

1. Surround yourself with people that are fit, people that already have the routine going, and have kept it up. The last thing you need is for someone to say .." sorry, I can't join you at the gym today, or go for that walk"...or " it's OK to take that 1 little donut- I had 3!"...no. Don't need that.   Usually these people are at the gym. You will get to know the "regulars" there, go and find out their names, and say " see you tomorrow!" and be there.

2. Plan your meals- Pick a day for the groceries and make sure you have all the ingredients. The crock-pot and freezer is your friend.

3. DO not eat out often. ( only very special occasions)

4. Eat all day long- But have small healthy snacks with you at all times. NEVER allow yourself to get hungry or the temptations get strong to grab that quick, greasy convenience food. ALWAYS have food on you

5. Read labels on food.  Only buy the items that you think are WORTH it....It's amazing what you find out by reading the labels. Eat well- if you LOVE cheese like I do, then only eat the aged, best cheese you can find. Remember, you won't eating the whole large pack anymore, so small and GOOD.

6. MOVE!  anytime you can move- do it.  Kids are at a sporting event-- you walk around the field, or arena, take the stairs anytime you can.... * remember every bit counts!* --10 minutes is all you need  but do it 3 times a day for cardio!

7. GAIN muscle-  it burns more fat. It is your friend. Get some weights- put them by your TV.  Do your reps, and increase 5% weight each time . Force your muscle to do maximum weight until failure. As soon as you can no longer do proper form, that is all you do. Do NOT do this daily. It will defeat the purpose. They need to rest to grow, so do this no more than every other day. Or use different muscles daily

8. FIBER! ( fills you up and goes down the toilet!) Plus helps prevent colon cancer, and stomach problems.

9. WATER!- gotta drink that, or the fiber will do the opposite affect. NOT cool.  Plus it fills you up, and replenishes your fluids so you don't feel hungry.

10. SWITCH It UP!-  keep your body in a good routine, but keep it exciting as well. Change a gym class, to something new, rev up your new music play list, join a sport, go for run that day, or go for a bike ride....swim...never let your body get " use" to all of this health and fitness....Keep it guessing!  Try new foods, start every meal with a vegetable ( soup or salad) easy on the sauce!

and WHY do we do all of this?  Because we LOVE ourselves and want to keep it that way!  YOU deserve it and you want to  be around longer!  1 hr a day, should do it.  Dedicate it to YOURSELF.  Your family and friends will LOVE you for it. Let one of your other " time wasters" go, and put it towards FITNESS and HEALTH!

Feeling Great! A great way to start YOUR day!

A great way to start the day!

apple cider
kale ( including the stems)
green grapes
ginger root
chia if you can find it ( or any bulk fiber)

Courtesy of Joy McCarthy

Put the above in a blender and make a wonderful, yummy drink * yes! it tastes good!* I promise!  and start your day right.

Go for a walk outside- Yes! that dog of yours is looking at YOU! get out there!- breathe in the fresh clean air and notice the nature around you...dress for the elements- there is no reason not to go out each day.

Head to the gym- feel the nice burn. Get a good sweat going on.. Be aware of your muscles, say hello and smile at others- give out plenty of compliments, don't argue, don't fight,  but if someone starts? Change the subject. Smile...

Have a nice HOT shower, lots of nice smelling soap, and get ready for your day. Put ON your AWESOME pants, and continue to enjoy YOUR most  glorious day you've been blessed with.