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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A great quick little work-out for a bikini body!

4 total body circuit training workouts for weight loss & muscle firming

This guy is great! Went for an hour long bike ride for a warm-up and a bit of cardio, followed by this circuit.

My arms are really feeling it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to HEALTHY eats!

Every weekend this summer it seems like we have been out partying quite a bit!  LOTS of fun, but that usually means tons of yummy, not so good for you food, and quite a few drinks!

SO every chance we get, we have been eating healthy, tons of lean protein, fruits, veggies, legumes, limited carbs and TONS of water and MILK! 

Of course daily fitness. Today it was 2 boot camps. One at my house and one at the YMCA tonight. My class did great!  They put of my silliness and lack of formality, but have a great time and leave all wet and sweaty!  So it must be working!

I packed up Alan is lunch tomorrow. He is having a hard time getting enough Protein in a day, so check this out.

2 cans of tuna in water-  mixed with shredded coleslaw greens, onion and reduced fat salad dressing. Over 60 grams of Protein right there, yet only 200 calories! I added some dense, think dark rye bread for him to put it on.

Then a really healthy bean, legume salad.  Black beans, edamame beans, and legumes, mixed with red wine vinegar, olive oil, pepper and fresh herbs from the garden. I topped it with chunks of Parmesan cheese. ALL of those ingredients are HUGE protein builders. Not to mention filling, low fat and full of fiber too!

The third dish, is brown rice ( complex carbs) with toasted almond slices, a bit of onion and soy sauce.

Then Greek yogurt. Fat free, but FULL OF FUEL for your body....and an apple.

As an apple is always essential! ONE a day, at least!

Basically, you need to do is work-out,  EAT all day long every couple of hours, but fill yourself up with GOOD stuff like this and you will be full, feel great, and LOSE fat while gaining nice lean MUSCLE!

Beerfest Toronto!

This is our second year going with a fun group of friends.  Even though I am not a huge beer drinker, it is still fun, and the food there is amazing as well!  What a great day!

      yes, those are white Bud Light glasses...if you dance for them, you got a free pair!  You can see who did! ha!
      and we ALWAYS get  our yearly picture with the nice police officers keeping us SAFE!
      and the suckling pig that was roasting that we ate!  it was delicious!
       BUT, back to the food...
      So the night before we went to a French Restaurant near our Hotel - SoHo....called Le Select.
      Alan started with the Bone Marrow Appetizer.
       But I played safe with the Escargot in a Cream sauce and puffed pastry..
      Alan chose the Bison Tartar for his main, with crispy bread...
      and I chose the Pickerel...very good.
      The next night...
      We went to a fun little street patio place, called
      This soup was amazing. A Lobster and Crab creamed bisque, with puffed pastry. Nothing low fat there!
      I ordered the Caprese Salad. I loooove my cheese and this was home-made gooey  mozarella goodness with very fresh tomatoes....perfection!
      and the main... Filet Mignon, wrapped in bacon and garlic and duck fat fries!  OH MY!
      The great part ?  Both of these restaurants were VERY reasonably priced.  It wasn't pricey at all, yet the food, service and atmosphere was excellent.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Sailing Son!

He started Sailing when he was 8.  He has been going every summer and has slowly worked his way up to White Sail 2. It is a tough program. White Sail 3 is even tougher, as this is his second year, 3'rd week of trying to get it.

Well guess what!?


Now he wants to work towards BRONZE 4. However that involves RACING.  Sounds a little scary to me.

 The girls?

Alyssa didn't want to go this year. She has her White Sail 1, but wanted to stay home and try and sell me ROCKS at the shore with her neighbour friend..

LOOK at her ABS!  That's MY girl!  Don't mess with her. 

Trying to keep the balance

Since we have been out almost every week-end this summer, living it UP to the FULLEST, which usually consists of lots of alcoholic beverages, and extra rich food with our friends...

I've had to really compensate on the days we are home, to make up for it all.

Basically, every known veggie!, brown rice, edamame, almonds, egg whites, sweet potatoes, broccoli, chicken, fish and lean turkey have on my plate daily. Not the most interesting, but if you eat those sort of foods, 6 meals a day, tons of water, you can really help your body out.  I have been able to stay at my desired weight this summer! YAY!

I'm still doing bootcamp twice a week, cardio twice a week and teaching SPIN one day a week.

This is our FISH dinner that the boys made for us. They brought this home from their trip. SO good! Yet, pretty healthy too.

 Always have salad on the table. Quinoa, black bean, mango, cranberries, red pepper and avocado.

The other one is ribbons on zucchini, sauteed, then added to chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes,  a bit of feta and Greek dressing.

Had it with Grilled Chicken the following night.

Peppers are in season! Stuff them with brown rice and vegetables. Grill them up!

More fish, baked on the grill with herbs and lemon,  sweet potatoes,  grilled mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli. Not pretty looking, but filling and healthy!

and it is always nice to watch this each night while eating dinner...it has been one heck of a gorgeous summer. Sunsets like this over the water every single night!

Monday, July 16, 2012

FOOD! as usual!

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I love the lavender tea bread so much, that I had to make some more for a little girls luncheon I had with my mother, mother in law, daughter and myself.  Served with home-made bread grilled with 3 different cheese...and salad. SO good.
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When the boys got back I wanted to make us some PIZZA! I love my big pan, so we can all have a slice of what it is WE like as we just divide the dough...Grill!

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Isn't she cute!

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Pumpkin muffins with cinnamon sugar on top! I love the new muffin wrappers I found!

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I always  bring a bread when we go to a dinner party. This is what I made last night.  Bacon and cheddar in the bread dough, then I put sun dried tomato pesto on the bottom, with artichokes, goats cheese, tomatoes, asiago, basil and olive oil and rolled up the edges to bake.

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I never ONLY make ONE loaf, I always double up, if you are going through the hassle, why not double it. So I tend to make loaves and give them away. This one went to my other neighbours house, left it on their counter, while we went to the next neighbours house for dinner!

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A lovely salad as our first course. Bib Lettuce, caramelized pecans, cheese and a few other yummy things!

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TERRIBLE picture I took, but they grilled us Capons on the Green Egg BBQ. DELISH!  with a nice bean salad and dipping sauce.  We brought some wine that was kinda getting frozen, so it worked out well on such a hot night...

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Then today! We all got together. ALL the neighbours that ate the above food and did this Boot Camp!  Time to get back to healthy eating and increasing the FITNESS! to compensate!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A pretty FUN summer so far!

Since I messed up my family Blog...not sure what I did, but oh my!  I am not a technical person AT ALL.

I will post some of my fun stuff here instead....I've been having a pretty GOOD time, I tell ya!

Alyssa's Lacrosse team WON the final Championship!  What a girl!  She worked SO hard in those games, SO hard, that the poor dear was about to throw up.  Other coaches are talking about her, I just can't say enough GOOD about how hard she plays in Lacrosse, and she LOVES it. A well deserved trophy!

We enjoyed July 1st quite well!

Waiting for the fireworks in our backyard, cooking smores and hot dogs...

then my crazy, wonderful, fantastic, hilarious, PARTY animal friends and I went to Toronto to see...

LMFAO!!!  In Concert!  What a night!  Here we are on our way!

yes! That is my hairdresser!  Wearing the COUGAR BAIT shirt!


READY to party with LMFAO! 

Off to the Celebrity Chef Dinner and Wine Tasting Night at Cobble.... Mark McEwan Event!

Started with appetizers by the water.....octopus, pates, fish, lamb, while Mark McEwan demonstrated how to make home-made Ricotta, Gnocchi, and tomato sauce....it was an Italian Inspired night.

We started with 6 of us at this table and then it kept going...... Voted loudest table that night! ha!

Then this came to the door! THE AQUA LILY PAD! that we ordered for the kids, for getting enough A's on their Report Cards!

Loads of fun on hot days!

and I plunk my Adirondack chair into the rocks, so I can put my feet in the water and only hear the waves....


Drinking my DETOX drink from all the fun my Liver has experienced these last few days...

Water with Mint, Lemon, Ginger and Cucumber.....