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Monday, April 23, 2012

FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! my week in pictures!

I have been a good girl all week, eating my home-made protein oatmeal on the go after each work-out.

Eating lean chicken and bean taco salads for lunches,

Friday came around- Was going to pig out with burgers, but I decided trout almondine, ( baked) with a fat free sauce that I made out of lime, wine, and garlic, some steamed mussels, and then I had a craving for snails!  So I made an escargot bruschetta on my seed bread that I made earlier, with low fat Swiss.  All on a big salad.

Saturday lunch!? What to make the family? No oven yet, so I found some home made naan that we made earlier in the week and Indian curry in the freezer. Put some arugula on , topped with sauce and a small amount of reduced fat mozzarella. BBQ to bake.

It is still Saturday, our day off from eating TOO healthy, and ribs were on special this week.  So Alan got the smoker out, the Green Egg grill and these babies became perfection by dinner time. He makes his own rubs, and sauces, and this one!? IS our #1!  We went on and on.....grilled some potatoes with cheese, and grilled veggies.


Sunday morning- I got spoiled!  Home-made biscuits, and sausages, with a Costa Rica Rice/Bean dish. SO bad for me, but SO good!

I kept being bad.  Toasted french bread with melted brie and caramelized onion. OH LA LA!

While Alan made his Tuscan meat sauce....no time to make fresh noodles, but I ended up using the left over brie breads into croutons in the Caesar salad.

Here we are. BACK to healthy eating! MONDAY!  I had my work-out, my oatmeal, and lots of water....then a nice lean taco chicken salad for lunch ( I keep the meat portions in the freezer for quick meals)
And since I am teaching a Boot Camp tonight and won't be home until 7pm, I made this up for dinner. Kids will eat it too. Salad with roasted potatoes, beets, red quinoa, eggs, and drizzled with balsamic.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fitness- Is it ever easy?

Some people think just because I work-out a lot, eat right 90% of the time, that it must be easy for me.

HA! not at all. In fact, here I sit, after a great week-end of goodies, drinks, chocolates, CHEESE and now that it is Monday, I need to get my BUTT IN GEAR again.  blah!

This is why I teach classes, as it FORCES me to be accountable and right now, I have to head down to my home gym and put together a tough boot-camp for tonight's class at 6pm.  SO I better try it out myself to make sure it is a good mix for the class. Then I better get working on my Core/Stretch routine, and Spin Class again.  I like to give my classes an entirely new routine each time.  I know, I don't appreciate doing the same thing over and over again...however, as an Instructor, that makes for a lot of work!  GOOD think I love thinking of new things and searching for music to work with it.

However, right now, I could TOTALLY sit on the couch in my PJ's with a big cup of coffee, and home-made bread, toasted with lots of butter and crispy bacon.....BUT!  Egg-whites and whole grain rye it was, and now off to put on my gym clothes and push myself- HARD.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

HAPPY EASTER! ( and I still don't have a working oven--BUT) this is what we accomplished!

So I love to entertain, I love to cook, I love to set a pretty table, pick out the wine, etc....and now it is EASTER! yay.  My oven ( Sears!  ) broke down at Christmas and it is still not repaired! Don't even get me started on THAT!...so lets talk about the good stuff instead....

I invited my family and Alan's for Brunch on Sunday, ( I am the type of person that will invite everyone, as the more the merrier and I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out, or celebrate an occasion alone) This stems from our past living in Ottawa. There were many holidays where  Alan and I wouldn't be able to get home to see our families, due to our shift work in Health Care and we were so far away. No one wants to be alone so we decided,   we would let EVERYONE know...WE are having a meal at " _____" time , our place, please come if you are free.  We have had people from all over the world, as people tend to come to Canada to get their medical degrees. I still have the most beautiful basket from one of our  guests that was Muslim.  ( Yes, we had people from every race, every culture, religion, sexuality, etc) We would show them what Canadians normally eat and do on certain holidays and they would share what they did back in their own Country. It was really interesting...some of the best memories!

  One year, little did I know that Braun, a co-worker of mine...a fellow R.N, came for Christmas, and that was was his last year alive. He died of unexpected Cancer before the next Christmas.   Honestly, you just never know...invite everyone possible. Life is too short not to. No regrets!

Well, enough of that rant. After all of that, it turned out that my in-laws were free today, and the rest of the people we had  invited had somewhere  else to celebrate, or they were working or with other family.

It was still a very nice meal, as we tend to eat at my in-laws a lot, so it was nice to return the favour. I told her NOT to bring a thing, it is time for ME to do the work for her...

Grilled Grapefruit  Brûlée- 1st course- an experiment, and turned out really good actually!

Pan seared scallops on a bed of spinach, edamame, strawberries, almonds, carrots and a  honey /lime dressing. Served with Italian Prosecco!

Cleanse the palate with Key Lime Sorbet...

For this dish was got the basic recipe from Food and Drink magazine, but changed it up a bit. Spaghetti with a garlic, wine, Parmesan sauce, with basil, red pepper, crispy pancetta, and lemon asparagus. Topped with a runny, gooey, poached egg that releases all it's yumminess all over your pasta...

I can't " bake" so I put some frozen vanila bean yogurt in a dish, and poured on some caramel Baileys and skor bar bits...served with a biscotti.

Tea, espresso and coffee...

It was a great day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

POP Pilates: Pick-Me-Up Quickie Workout!

LCBO- Food and Drink- Spring 2012

 Food and Drink Magazine from LCBO has an amazing Braised Short Rib Recipe.  We made a few alterations, as I wanted to keep the meat on the bone.

You need to start this recipe a day or two ahead of time, as the Short Ribs soak in a wine sauce for at least 24 hrs, then seared and slow cooked. We happened to serve ours on top of a horseradish whipped potatoes, and oven roasted beets, carrots and squash, with arugula for some colour. It was SO good!

iPhones take pretty good pictures too!

We had to serve it with a wonderful bottle of French wine we have been saving in the cellar for a few years, as the meal was worthy of it.  What a great night.  Everything was so good!