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Sunday, September 9, 2012

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OH my goodness!

What a series of events I have been through these past few days..

What do they say..."everything in your life happens for a reason" , even the most upsetting....well I get that know.

My dear, dear, house cleaner wasn't feeling well in mid June. I told her she should get some blood work done. Perhaps something is off. Thinking nothing too serious. She was so healthy, full of life, looked great!

Well she ended up finding out that she was full of Cancer.  Not only that but it was  in the brain, lungs, lymph's, back, everywhere. OH MY GOSH!  Really!? how, what? why? She looked so good! She was doing so well!  This can't be.

I called her, sent  her some flowers ( what can you do?)  and we cried together. She was soooo scared.  I remember her words.  I told her to stay positive. She can handle this.  ( However, inside I was scared  too! how could this be happening??)

Well Monday night I heard she was in the hospital and her time was up. Again! this can't be! As much as I wanted to put my head in the sand and pretend this wasn't happening, I had to go and see her, talk to her,  or I would never be able to live with myself.

My neighbour ( she cleaned both of our homes- her only 2 clients at the time) and I went to see her, immediately that night.  Her family wasn't well, everyone was very upset, as they should be....it was a terrible situation.  However, her husband let us go in to see her.  She was dozing off, but I told her Heather! we are HERE! It is Jill and Steph.  Grabbed her hand, as I knew  touch and sound is the last thing to go.  I didn't even recognize her at this point 2 months later!  SOOO incredibly sad.  She opened up her eyes, and put her arms up!  She wanted a hug!   I hugged her as tight as I could!  Told her over and over again, how it is going to be OK, she is sooo loved, she did a great job raising her family, we met them all ...she has done GOOD.  My tears were flowing, naturally...how couldnt' they be. She asked us to stay. I wanted to,   however, we couldn't. Time was precious and valuable at this time, as her hours were near.  Her family needed and wanted her, asked us to leave.

The day after she died,  something strange happened. All of a sudden I got several emails from different people asking for my Business Card in Personal Training, etc.  She was always a huge supporter of mine, yet this has never happened to me before.  I have always been thinking of starting my own Personal Training Business and Heather knew that.  I honestly believe she was giving me the PUSH I needed.

I went to her funeral on Saturday, cried my eyes out, sobbed like a crazy woman, went through a box of kleenex,...then came home and guess what!? I got it started that afternoon!  I am now officially ...


Fitness Diva Facebook

I made my passion in life and Fitness legit. I have been doing it for fun for awhile now. Now it is time to make it official.

Thank-you Heather! you made this happen! xo  Rest in Peace. LOTS of LOVE to you...

Yup! Emotional Post.  The last time I encountered a moment like this it was my grand-father. After his funeral I went on a Ski Vacation, and came home pregnant with a little girl that I had always wanted!  Thanks Grandpa!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School!

This summer has been a great one, due to more ways than one. YES, we had FUN, but honestly my kids are really growing up.  I have been hounding and nagging on them all these years to be helpful to others, help out around the house without having to be asked, help a neighbour, random acts of kindness, without expecting anything in return.  Respect your elders, and parents, be polite, etc..... This  is a  tough age.  PUBERTY and hormones get in the way sometimes. 

BUT, even though it has been a challenge, they are FINALLY getting it. They are doing it. They have been very helpful this summer, and I have seen a huge change. All of my flips outs towards them, has finally started to pay off. Who would have thought!?!?   They are turning into a couple of mature, appreciative, loving OLDER kids.

So normally I have a heck of a summer with them and am counting down the hours until they are off on that yellow school bus. Well today?  I was a little sad.  Not terribly sad, mind you!  But I wasn't jumping with joy. 

They are as tall as me now!

But this one was terribly depressed and sad. There she is all day long on her bed, staring out the front door waiting for the rest of the pack to get home.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My big confession!

I knew it wasn't going to be good. I had to finally face the music and put my body on the weigh scale.

I was doing pretty good until August.  But then Alan had 2 weeks of holidays that he has never done before. 2 WHOLE weeks of fun and we both love to cook, entertain and enjoy our wine over sunsets each night...

Plus, well, you've seem the meals we have been eating!

We have been exercising, but there isn't enough exercise to compensate what we have been consuming.

So how bad was the damage?

5 lbs!

Thank goodness for the muscle I built up. I think that was my savour!  As the way I have been behaving, I should be up 15 lbs!

5 lbs. I still hate it. But I MUST admit it and be HONEST.

However, I WILL get rid of it, so just warning all of my friends and family....this blog is going to be HIT HARD with fitness routines, and HEALTHY eats!

School starts in one more day....then I am back to the GYM every single morning and ONLY clean food! LESS wine. MORE water!

Summer Fun!

Mountain Biking!  WOW! that can be quite exhilerating and dangerous! But we had fun trying!

Half way down Blue Mountain! Crazy on the brakes and hands!  Spun out a few times, went flying!

Marshall loved it! couldn't get enough!

My end reward! Talk about the PERFECT Martini!  Blue cheese stuffed, truffled infused! oh my!

Then back home to perfect sunsets each night!

Throwing surprise Parties for a GREAT friend! XO

waking up to this!

Flowers from a neighbour friend before she left for FL-----just because! How sweet is that!?

Tea breaks with Vienna in Thornbury...

more to come! What a fantastic summer!

Niagara Anniversary Get-away!

What a summer!  OH MY GOODNESS!  Each and every year, I think, how can we do anything more, fit more fun in? how could it be topped?  well each year, we find a way of doing it. My body is exhausted, I know I have gained a few summer fun pounds, but it was most definitely worth it and I know I can fix the damage once the kids are back to school and we get back into a normal routine.

For now, I need to share some fun pictures of FOOD! and FUN!

a HOT day with great friends, then BBQ afterwards...such a warm summer! The perfect way to enjoy it? See above!  Like our coffee table? It is granite you know! ha!

Off to Niagara- the crazy room we got!  It was HUGE and screamed HONEYMOON!

that's just the tub! The shower? Could fit about 10 people in there!  Crazy!

This came to our door each morning! Nice!

Lots of great wineries! We filled up the trunk to help stock the cellar!

the back side of my favourite winery due to the service, building and RESTAURANT!  Peller Estates.

SO lets get onto the fabulous FOOD there!  I had to order the 5 course tasting lunch menu.  Paired with wine of course! OH my!

Chef Jason parsons

Amuse bouche - smoked salmon on goats cheese and arugula. Artisian breads- ice wine butter.

First official course- Oxtail and beef Terrine with crostini and raw bean salad with white truffle oil. Paired with Pinot noir.

Soup- sliced apple with cider reduction and anjou pear soup. Put together at the table. Served with their

Pinot gris

Soda" palate cleanser"- reduced strawberries, red basil and add rose. Then carbonate like a soda

Next course! Grilled bison, on a bed of wild mushroom, white plum, fresh peas and aged 14 acres cheese Served with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

 then the cheese course!
Oaked Vidal ice wine

Smoked pear, toscano cheese, walnuts, nut cream     Final course! Dessert! Because I was still hungry and thirsty! Ice wine poached peaches on top of custard and pastry latke and ice cream served with Cabernet franc ice wine.   What an incredible meal!  If that was my last meal before death...I'd be OK with that!