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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hamburgers! Healthy, low fat but so good!

Healthy Burgers

1 lb extra lean ground turkey
1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
1 carrot
3 cloves of garlic
2 cups of mushrooms- I like cremini for extra flavour
1 diced onion
balsamic vinegar
2 egg whites
salt and pepper and any other preferred seasoning to taste

In a food processor, add black beans, carrot, garlic cloves, mushroom and pulse until it its a paste.
Add to the meat and onion mixture, along with remaining ingredients.  Form into patties and freeze on waxed paper as they will stick, due to lack of oil.  BBQ from frozen so they don't fall apart. You might need to use a cooking spray on them.

I served mine on a bed of salad, ( I also made a protein salad of Edemame, Quiona and black beans.)  then a grilled large portobello mushroom, reduced fat goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and then the burger patty.  With a splash of balsamic vinegar glaze on top. No need for a bun! It was delicious, and I could barely eat it all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4 week Exercise Plan- Want to join me?

Fitness Trends! Love this!

Can a Series of 20 second work-outs help you fit into your skinny jeans?

This is my next big move!  To get certified to teach something like this.  It sounds amazing, painful , but awesome all around.

Left over turkey

Put your leftover turkey in a large pot, add some broth, tons of veggies, fat free cream cheese, thyme, sage, cook until starts to thicken ( add gravy thickener-flour) if needed.  Put into a dish, put some reduced fat Pillsbury dough on top and bake. Garnish with cranberry sauce. YUMMY post Christmas meal.

I freeze a bunch of these without the topping ( dishes are from the dollar store) , cover well- freeze and then pull out to defrost for the day, and add the dough before baking.

Yummy, Healthy FOOD!

I am loving Salads these days, but I need to kick them up a notch, so I add as many different veggies as I can. Pumpkin seeds, goats cheese ( light) , quiona for added protein, and put some oven baked ( in wine and lemon) Arctic char on top. Drizzle with a good Balsamic Vinegar instead of any oils and voila! Great lunch or light dinner.

I love using Turkey Sausage ( the spicy ones) any way I can.  It never tastes like health food, as it is flavourful, rich and creamy in a sauce. I take it out of it's casings, and saute it, add as many different veggies as I can- today it was mushrooms, red and green peppers and a can of diced tomatoes. I thickened up the mixture and added creaminess by adding fat free cream cheese and fat free sour cream near the end.  Served on extra high fiber penne. Delish!

A fun little healthy appetizer- Tiny little pumpernickel rounds, with fat free cream cheese, dash of dill seasoning, smoked salmon, a large caper and zest of lemon rind.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fill your grocery cart with....

1. Celery

2. Green tea- natural- no sugar-  Anti-oxidant- Drink 2-3 glasses a day you could lose 5 lbs a year!

3. Watercress-  Peppery, yummy greens to pile on a sandwich- full of good for you stuff!

4. Spinach- eat 15 cups and you only consumed 100 calories- Plus it is great for repairing muscles, and really good sauteed with a little garlic.

5. Kiwi- Our largest " berry"- lots of good vitamins, low in calories and best if eaten with skin.

6. Swiss Chard-  15 different vitamins and loaded in Vit K ( something I need!)

7. Cottage Cheese- One of my favourites- Good for Protein, dairy, and the lowest fat cheese.

8. Green Bell Pepper- ( cheaper than the other colours) but gives you more Vitamin C and few calories than an Orange.

9. Broccoli- Put it up there in the amazing Spinach Category. I love making broccoli soup.

10. Bok Choy- cancer fighting nitrogen compounds. Plus super low in calories. Less than a stick of gum!

11. Mushrooms- Only contain 2 calories each. WOW!  Even better: cooking them in red wine, which contains the antioxidant resveratrol and magnifies their immunity-boosting power.

12. Summer Squash- I didn't realize it has 1/3 less calories than Butternut Squash! time to make the switch!

13. Shrimp- 16 large plump shrimp or one small 4 oz chicken breast- Same calories.

14. Radishes-  You can eat 6 cups of radishes for the same calories of 1 oz of baked chips Add some zip!

15. Cabbage- A great filler with little calories, lots of nutrients for soups and stews.

16. Scallops- fewer than half the calories you'd find in a piece of flank steak, and 14 grams of protein per three ounces, sea scallops - Plus they are SO good!

17. Cauliflower- One of my favourites to make cauliflower mashed potatoes - good for prostate and low in calories, high in fiber.

18. Asparagus- 2 lbs of it- less than 200 calories! I love it sauteed, with salt and lemon.

19. FISH!  any form of fish, but keep is simple and fresh. Bake or grill with a bit of lemon, wine and herbs.

20. Popcorn-  Air popped and squeeze some lemon and  truffle salt on top! my true LOVE!! YUM!

21.  Quinoa-  Full of protein to add to any meal- season with whatever flavour you like.

22.  Lean Spicy Turkey Sausage- I use this all the time to add to meat sauces and make meals feel rich, fattening, filling, but surprisingly LEAN!

23. Apples- Fiber and easy to leave in your purse for a quick snack without guilt

24.  Pumpkin puree- Always a great ingredient to muffins- without the fat- but lots of nutrients.

25. WINE!  gotta have wine.  nothing more to say about that.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year- New You!

Oxygen Women's Fitness Training New Year, New You

Love this article and wanted to share!

Five reasons to throw on a paper gown this year

1. Pelvic exam and pap smear.

2. Breast exam.

3. Blood pressure check.

4. Weight check.

5. Skin-cancer screening.

Five things to learn this year

1. How to read nutrition labels.

2. How to do a pull-up – even a single pull-up.

3. How to eat mindfully.

4. How to say “no” sometimes.

5. How to stand tall.

Five new ways to save money on health and fitness this year

1. Pre-pay for an annual gym membership; it’s usually less expensive than a month-to-

month renewal or daily pass.

2. Bike to work.

3. Hang out your gym socks, shorts and sports bra to dry; you’ll pay less on your electric bill and help the environment.

4. Refill a BPA-free water bottle at the fountain instead of buying a new plastic water bottle every time you go the gym.

5. Never grocery shop when you’ve got the munchies.

Five new places to try a workout this year

1. The local park – especially if it has retro fitness trails.

2. The swimming pool.

3. The bedroom (best with a partner).

4. The stairs up to your office – skip the elevator.

5. The airport: Walk laps to kill time during your next delay.

Five new foods to incorporate into your diet

1. Pistachios – They lower cholesterol and contain heart healthy fats.

2. Pomegranates – They’re packed with antioxidants and an animal study found they could help with inflammation.

3. Salmon – In addition to heart-healthy omega-3s, it contains bone-strengthening vitamin D.

4. Chamomile tea – A daily cup could help reduce your chances of diabetes.

5. Basil – Researchers are now finding that the yummy herb has anti-aging properties.

Five bullet-points to cross off your to-do list

1. Find a family doctor.

2. Schedule an annual physical and pap test.

3. Clean out your medicine cabinet, tossing all expired items.

4. Find a workout buddy in your city.

5. Get your flu shot.

Five healthy items to invest in

1. Pedometer.

2. BPA-free water bottle.

3. Well-fitting sports bra.

4. Workout journal.

5. Small, portable cooler.

Five words to incorporate into your every day

1. “No” (as in, you’re not going to have that second slice of chocolate cake).

2. “Natural” (as in, peanut butter and sweetener).

3. “Brown” (as in rice, cereal, bread and any other whole-grain item).

4. “Mindful” (as in eating and living).

5. “Healthy” (as opposed to skinny or fat).

Five ways to stay motivated throughout the year

1. Learn at least one exercise you find intimidating each month.

2. Sign up for a weekly group exercise class.

3. Load your iPod with new, upbeat tracks.

4. Ditch the people and situations that get you off your fitness track.

5. Find at least one restaurant near your home or work that serves a clean meal you can eat on days when you don’t have time to cook.

Five things to put off until next year

1. Organizing your gym-clothes drawer by color.

2. Topping your salads with radishes cut to resemble roses.

3. Perfecting every yoga pose.

4. Skydiving.

5. Doing your own taxes.