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Saturday, December 26, 2009

French Food night!

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mmmmm, escargot!

Did you read the nutritional value on those cute little snails? SOOO low in fat, full of protein, so go ahead and ENJOY! Just reduce the amount of garlic butter you dip them into! lol

I have a recipe called " snail buns" I made them up many years ago. I put a bit of pillsbury dough in mini muffin cups. 1-2 snails, a small bit of garlic butter and a bit of Brie. Bake! OHH soo good!

Then there is French Onion Soup. Low in fat as well, but full of flavour. Just ease up on the cheese, IF you can? I can't.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Prime Rib, Cream cheese mashed potatoes, Squash, and POPOVERS!

My husband is such an amazing cook! This is why I need to eat lean during the regular week-days and exercise daily!

Check out those popovers! They were delish! He smothers them with his wonderful gravy that he makes from the roast.....oh my!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Healthy SUSHI night!

We were shopping in Collingwood most of the day, and picked up some freshly made sushi for dinner.  Then I wanted to make some veggie rolls out of rice paper. Another healthy, but fun dish to eat.   Plus we were in the Liquor store ( imagine that!?) and found these cute mini bottle of Sake!  Ohhh it was so good. Warmed up and enjoyed with our Sushi and rolls.

The rice rolls are very easy to make. Just shred up some vegetables, carrots, lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, whatever you have. Put a rice paper in hot water to make it soft and manageable. Roll up.

I made a very easy and ZERO fat Vietnamese Dipping Sauce to dip them in:

In a small bowl...stir 1/4 c fish sauce, 3 Tbsp water, 2 Tbsp lime juice, 2 Tbsp sugar, and 1 tsp of minced garlic.  Perfect!

Zero fat in this! but OHHH so good.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have a local Chocolate Store that makes the most exquisite, hand crafted couverture truffles and chocolates.

Mill Creek Chocolates. A family business in our local area.

This is a where " Quality over Quantity" comes into play.  Savour and enjoy ONE  a day...so rich and decadant, your chocolate craving will be satisfied, and you won't need more than one.

The Facts on Calories in that glass of wine you are holding!


The worst

One of the highest calorie counts for a glass of wine comes from Ruby Port. In a 4 oz glass, Ruby Port can deliver 185 calories. ( that stuff will only give you a nasty head-ache! Stay clear from it! )

The best

Various brands may vary, for a 4 oz glass of wine, but white zinfandel ( sorry! I can't stand Zin's)  tends to be one of the safest bets with a modest 80 calories.  BUT...other smart choices are Chablis, at 85 calories, and chardonnays with around 90 calories all from 4 oz servings. 

The table below shows the amount of calories for an average glass (4 fl oz/115ml), with the average glass being five glasses per bottle


Alcohol-free Wine 37 calories - sorry! Unless I am pregnant--I can't even GO there!

Champagne 96 calories
Dry Red Wine 83 calories
Dry White Wine 77 calories
Rose 82 calories
Sparkling 92 calories
Sweet Red Wine 100 calories
Sweet White Wine 103 calories
Bianco Vermouth 167 calories
Martini Bianco 150 calories
Martini Extra Dry 150 calories
Martini Rose 180 calories
Martini Rosso 192 calories
Port 170 calories
Sherry average 140 calories

ps. Perhaps I need one of these!? HAHA!

Having a Party? Eat and drink well, without the extra grams of fat!

These appetizers are protein-rich and cutting out the crust makes them incredibly low-cal! Not to mention so tasty, easy and pretty!

27 calories per serving!!!

4 slices prosciutto, fat trimmed, halved
2 egg whites
1 whole egg
3 tablespoons nonfat plain Greek yogurt  ( if you can't find this, try using fat free sour cream)
1 tablespoon chopped black olives  ( optional)
1/2 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary, plus more for garnish
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Heat oven to 400°F. Coat a mini muffin pan with cooking spray. Press 1 piece prosciutto into each of 8 cups. Whisk egg whites and whole egg until smooth. Whisk in yogurt, olives, rosemary, salt and pepper. Divide mixture among cups. Bake, uncovered, until quiches are cooked through, 10 to 12 minutes.  ( I think they take longer than that) Garnish with rosemary.

makes 8
Per serving: 27 calories, 1.1 g fat, 0.3 g saturated, 0.4 g carbohydrates, 0 g fiber, 3.6 g protein

Courtesy of Epicurious

Peppermint Cosmo

One cute cocktail contains only 7 grams of sugar—including the candy cane. Sip and stay sleek!
This recipe makes 8

1 cup pomegranate juice
Juice of 1 lime
4 ounces vodka
1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
8 ice cubes
8 mini candy canes
2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint

Combine juices, vodka, peppermint and 1/2 cup water in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into 8 shot glasses. Garnish with candy canes and mint.

Ok, you LOVE those hot gooey, cheesey dips don't you? We ALL do, but really, do we need the 98897876767 grams of fat per serving? And WHO stops at ONE serving?  I want my wine and my food! so check this out!
Weight Watchers Hot Asiago Dip

1 cup nonfat cottage cheese

1/4 cup nonfat cream cheese
2 tablespoons nonfat cream cheese
1/2 teaspoons dijon mustard
1/4 cup asiago Cheese - grated, (or parmesan)
2 scallions - sliced
1 jalapeno pepper - seeded, deveined and minced

In a blender or food processor, puree the cottage and cream cheeses; add the mustard. Add the Asiago cheese, scallions and jalapeno; pulse to combine.

Transfer the mixture to a 2-cup microwavable dish; microwave on High until heated through, 3 minutes. Serve at once.
Serves 8.
WW Points: 1 pt.

Sooo, do THESE look yummy and fattening?

HA! you were fooled! Another healthy appetizer!

Baked Spring Rolls

Makes 10 spring rolls. ( but make more, as they will go fast!)


•10 large spring roll wrappers (refrigerated)
•1/2 lb extra-lean ground meat (turkey, pork, or beef)
•1 Tbsp fresh ginger, peeled & minced
•1-2 Tbsp sesame oil
•1/4 tsp salt
•3 cups cabbage, shredded
•1 large carrot, peeled & grated
•1 Tbsp water
Preheat oven to 350 F

 Shred cabbage, peel and grate carrots, peel and mince ginger.
 In  frying pan, saute  meat in 1/2 Tbsp sesame oil with ginger and salt until well cooked.
 Transfer meat to large mixing bowl, and pour off excess oil. Return pan to heat, adding cabbage, carrots, and water, and cook until all the water has evaporated, and cabbage is clear.
 Toss cabbage and carrots with meat.
Spray a baking sheet with nonstick, zero-calorie cooking spray.
Separate spring roll wrappers carefully, and brush each with sesame oil. (This can be done as you go.) Spoon a small amount (one tenth of the mixture) into a diagonal line across one corner of a single wrapper, then fold up the top and bottom and roll into a cylindrical shape.
 Place finished rolls on cookie sheet and bake 15 minutes on each side, or until golden brown, spraying with zero-calorie cooking spray upon turning.
Serve hot with plum or sweet-and-sour sauce.

Vegetarians may substitute a comparable amount of low-fat, firm tofu for meat. Brown in oil as described, and continue with recipe as directed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


ROCKS the Abs, Butt, and Legs!

Seriously..I can't say it enough!  There is a REASON celebs are hiring their own personal pilates instructors to work with them each day.

If you haven't signed up for a class, then do it now.  I have tried home DVD's, but you REALLY need a qualified Pilates Instructor to teach you, as the moves are very different to what you are use to and if you don't do it correctly, you won't see the same results, or you could hurt yourself.

Creamy Sausage Penne!? ( low fat!?) nooo way! oh YES way!


8 oz cooked whole wheat penne
1/8 tsp salt
8 oz raw turkey sausage, italian style- removed from casings
8oz cremini mushrooms or baby bella mushrooms, ANY mushrooms, really!  trimmed and quartered
1 Tbsp minced garlic
 2 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1/1/2 c skim milk
1 c of frozen green peas, petite variety ( I ran out of those in my freezer as well, so I skipped them)
1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper or to taste
1/2 cup roasted red peppers, water packed, and sliced
1/2 c scallion- sliced ( but I didnt' have any so I used onion- still good)
3Tbsp grated parmesan cheese

In a large non-stick skillet, cook sausage , stiring and breaking into chunks with a wooden spoon until browned. About 3 minutes. Remove to a bowl.  Add mushrooms, to skillet, and saute until browned and tender, about 3 min. Stir in garlic and cook 30 seconds until fragrant.

In a measuring cup, whick together flour and milk until smooth; stir into skillet along with peas, salt and black pepper. Bring sauce to a boil, simmer until thickened and peas are tender, about 3 min. Stir in sausage, roasted peppers and scallions. Remove for heat.

Add sauce to pasta and toss to coat.  Serve!

when you taste this, you will NOT believe it is LOW FAT!   My entire family love this dish.

Because I want to eat all my favourite fattening foods on the week-end....

I ended up having this for lunch or dinner!

Ok, not gourmet, but something has to give if I want to stay in these size 2 pants!

Fat Free Hot-dogs
Toasted Whole wheat rolls
Home-made vegetable chili that I make large batches of and keep on hand at all times! GOOD yet no fat.
Fat Free Sour Cream
Reduced fat shredded aged cheddar.


Basically a fat free lunch or dinner! Amazing!  If you are following Weight Watchers I would guess around 3-4 points for this! I couldn't even eat it all. It was that filling. Full of veggies, fiber and protein!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Never, EVER leave home without this!

Stuff I keep in my  cute little travel lunch purse next to my driver's seat when I am out and about doing errands all day long. This keeps me full and helps stop any temptations for the fast-food drive-thru

ww. wraps with lean turkey, fat free cheese and veggies ( I left one open to show you)
Bran muffins

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OHH YUM! Eggplant! it can be SOO good, IF...

you know what to do with it. TRUST ME!

The first time I used eggplant, I made this dish that was SO elaborate...I bought all of these expensive ingredients, and followed the recipe to a T! I tried it and YUCK! The Eggplant was so bitter. Never again..or until I thought?

IF you have had that happen to you, please do NOT give up on this wonderful vegetable. TRUST me. It will be your favourite veggie if you do the following.

Peel, slice and SALT your eggplant on paper towels for 20-30 minutes, then rinse off before doing ANYTHING with it....

That step is very important. It removes ALL the bitter flavours.

So tonight's WONDERFUL dish? OK, this is a GOOD one my friends!

I don't know what to call it though? Lets call it............

Greek Lasagna!

Grab an eggplant...peel and slice and put on paper towels. Sprinkle a liberal amount of salt..let sit for 20 minutes.

Brown some extra lean ground beef, a chopped onion, and as many yummy veggies as you can ( make your typical spaghetti sauce) we all know how to do that, right!? Mushrooms, peppers, lots of garlic, Italian seasoning, etc..

NOTE: I was making spaghetti tonight, but I had an eggplant that I had to use up, so I made spaghetti for the kids, but this for me, since I don't quite have the metabolism as the kids do!

Get a nice dish. Pour some crushed tomatoes on the bottom. Add a layer of eggplant. Add a layer of spaghetti sauce ( to get some meat in this dish, but not too much) If you are vegetarian, skip that part.

Sprinkle some Feta cheese on the layers...and top with eggplant and more sauce. More feta and VOILA! put in the oven.

The aroma will make you dance around the kitchen....ok, maybe not, but it sure smells good!

This is what it looked like coming out.

and now on my plate.

I had some fresh spinach leaves, so I added that for a side with some strawberries, drizzled with an aged balsamic vinegar. DO NOT GO EWWW! trust me. My lovely European neighbour said they put balsamic on strawberries over vanilla ice-cream. IT IS DIVINE! try it over frozen yogurt instead though and save the grams of fat. DELISH.

I had a grilled pepper in the fridge for sandwiches, and I like heat, so I added one of those too. Why not?

The wine!? CAN'T forget the wine!

Since my husband is still at work, I just grabbed a glass of what we had open. He might freak and say this is the wrong wine, but you know what? It worked SO well together! When he gets home, I will ask what he thinks.

WINE: 96 Points- 2005 Australian Shiraz-Viognier mix. BEAUTIFUL wine.
( ps. that is NOT 96 WW points..just the name! relax!)

Now off to watch the sunset with some vanilla frozen yogurt, balsamic, and strawberries...yum!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Georgian Bike Trail

We happen to live in a gorgeous part of the world. I have to admit. It is pretty nice around here. We happen to have a long bike trail ( recreation trail) all along the water from a town called Meaford, all the way to Collingwood. It is such a beautiful ride...plus we stop in Thornbury for lunch. Always yummy. Guilt free wine and food!

Our favourite place to eat is the Mill.

check out this lunch menu!

-- SMALL --

white bean and rosemary toast 7~

romaine, double smoked bacon, croutons, caper anchovy dressing 9~

lardons, pinenuts, goats cheese crostini, spiced pear and grainy mustard dressing 10~

balsamic orange vinaigrette, hazlenut picada, arugula, house ricotta 9~

house apple butter, sweet and sour onions, grainy mustard, toast 9~

-- MEDIUM --

sirloin, feta, cucumber, red onion, peppers, tomatoes, honey Dijon dressing 14~

leeks, red onion, tomato, garlic, black bean sauce, cream 13~

northern woods mushroom ragu, house guanciale, parmesan 12~

grilled pork belly, gruyere, mustard and herb bread crumbs 11~

oxtail ragu, arugula, fresh horseradish, house ricotta 13~

-- LARGE --

grilled flatiron steak, cheese curds, spiced fries, green peppercorn sauce 14~

local prosciutto, caramelized onion, apple, sage, gruyere 13~

organic root vegetables, crème fraiche, puff pastry 12~

tempura white perch, preserved lemon tartar, house cut fries 11~

apple cider bbq sauce, celery root and apple coleslaw, house cut fries 11~

house cut fries, sour cream and onion dip 10~
aged cheddar 10.50 blue cheese 11~ or housemade peameal bacon 11~

fusilli pasta, red onion, peppers, sundried tomatoes, cream or extra virgin olive oil 12~


House cut fries, curried aioli 5~
Marinated olives 7~
Local prosciutto, fig relish, house ricotta, toast 9~
Cheese plate ~market price~

Desserts • Cappuccino & Espresso
•Licenced under L.L.B.O.•

Executive Chef - Oliver Frost
Food Allergies: Please notify your server of all food allergies
Please be patient . . . . We are not a fast food restaurant, all meals are prepared to order.

Home-made pizza and red wine! YUM!

two of my favourite things! Use lots of veggies, a lean italian style bacon, reduced fat cheese...and make your own whole wheat pizza dough and you will LOVE this!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lunch- Starving..instead of the drive-thru...try this!

Last night I was grilling, so I put on an extra chicken breast. Always plan ahead, as it makes it easier to eat right that way.

For lunch, I was starving. So I made home-made potato chips. I thinly slice a regular potato,spray a plate with becal, place the potato slices, spray more becal, then sea salt. Microwave for 8 minutes or so...flip half-way, and cook until crispy. VOILA! fat free chips!

I made an onion dip out of fat free sour cream and a tsp of dry onion soup mix.

Toast a bunless whole wheat bun from President's Choice, smothered on fat free garlic and herb cream cheese ( instead of the mayo) a slice of tomato and lettuce.

Add some fruit, and check it out! YUM!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin- another lean winner!

This was an experiment and it turned out great! I must share.

2 pork tenderloins
Fat free herb and garlic cream cheese
sun dried tomatoes
white wine

Slit the pork tenderloins down the middle, and stuff with cream cheese, and sun dried tomatoes. Wrap prosciutto around each stuffed tenderloin. Season with salt and pepper. Splash some white wine in the dish and take a glass for yourself.

Leave covered in your fridge until you are ready to bake.
Bake 400F for 30 minutes until juices run clear.

For a side dish..this is a super easy potato.

Slice baking potatoes in half, lengthwise. Season with olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt. Bake cut side down on a baking sheet until crispy.

Mix fat free sour cream and a Tbsp of Blue cheese in a dish. Place a dollop on each potato with a few sprinkles of bacon bits. YUM!

Served with rolls and lots of Salad.

Wine Pairing: Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2007 from Cornellana Estates- Chile

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am SO happy I went on that Nature walk...

because my dog- Sam, LOVES walking outside with us. He loves exploring with his family close by, and last Sunday happened to be his last. We lost Sammy Monday night. I miss him terribly and my heart aches. He was a 14 1/2 yr old Chocolate Lab! The love of our life.

We lost a piece of our family....here are the pictures from our last day hiking with him around our property. Not great pictures as I didn't know this was going to be so important to me at the time.

My crazy dog went into the water. He was such a water dog. FREEZING cold this time of the year...nothing would stop him.

through the woods..

Looking up at our house

How high that hill REALLY is! All of our stairs that our 14 yr old Lab would run up and down all the time...

90 second Healthy Dessert!

Peel, core and slice up an apple. Any apple
Place in a bowl
Sprinkle cinnamon sugar ( I used splenda) on top.

Place in Microwave for 90 seconds, and top with frozen yogurt. In this case I used frozen caramel crunch yogurt!


Rich, Creamy Sausage Rigatoni- BUT healthy!? YES!

yup! It is a healthy version. Trust me! This is an amazing dish! My taste buds felt guilty eating it, but not sure why? Check out the healthy ingredients.

1 pkg of Turkey Sausage ( read the label...so low in fat!)
1 bell pepper chopped- any colour
1 small onion-diced
1/2 shredded zucchini
1 jar of Healthy Choice tomato sauce
1 can of Fat Free Condensed milk.
minced garlic to taste
salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes, basil, all to taste.
Freshly grated Parmesan

Rigatoni noodles- preferably whole wheat

1. Remove the casings and saute the turkey sausage in the frying pan with minced onion until lightly browned. ( you might need a tsp of olive oil, as it is pretty lean)

2. Bring your Whole Wheat Rigatoni noodles to a boil and cook according to package directions.

3. Add remaining vegetables and garlic and tomato sauce to frying pan mixture. Simmer for a couple of minutes, and then add condensed milk. Stir and season. Let bubble up a bit as sauce thickens into a rich creamy consistency.

4. Drain al dente noodles and add to frying pan to coat with mixture. Serve with freshly grated Parmesan and ENJOY!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My new favourite machine at the YMCA

My daily ritual...pack my cute cheery Lululemon bag and water...and off I go!

Then I drive my kids to school, drop them off and off I go to the Gym. Usually listening to Playboy radio during the 5 minutes it takes after the kids are out of the car! HA!

I walk into the YMCA and see the early risers leaving for work, while I head to my locker to MY new office. THE GYM.

I change into my work-out clothes, which reminds me, I am over-due for some new ones! and I head to this machine.

I have never been able to run. I have issues with impact and I have a hernia problem, and in all honesty..I DON'T LIKE RUNNING! lol

But this machine is made for me. Not only do I get the same simulation as running...you actually run, but never have any impact, but you can adjust the level, so if you want to work harder and work on forming more muscle, you can. Which I have. I tend to do 5k in about 30 minutes on this machine. My butt and thighs are rockin' now! WOOHOO! Plus I burn off about 350 calories.

Then I work on my inner and outer thighs, use the exercise ball and then do my abs. This is now my Mon-Friday routine. IF I get lazy and stay at home, I am a mess. I feel like crap, so I have to go each day. I shower and get ready there, and then I continue on with my day. I feel great when I go. The Y work-out is my version of therapy.

Lean -Indian Butter Chicken Curry

We made several different curries. One was a spicy Venison, and one was all vegetable. This is the recipe for the Butter Chicken.

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
4 Tbsp Pataks Butter Chicken Curry Paste ( from the grocery story)
2/3 cup water
6 Tbsp fat free plain yogurt
as many chopped veggies of your choice- green or red peppers, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini,
serve with warm, fresh Na an
steamed rice of your choice

Cut up and brown the chicken in the oil. Add curry paste, yogurt, water, bring to a boil, simmer at least 15 minutes, but longer is better...

( if you would like this dish to be Vegetarian, substitute chicken for a can of chick-peas, rinsed and drained)

Guilt Free Snacks to put out if you have a friend over..

and want to enjoy that fine glass of WINE!

Roasted Red pepper and white bean dip with veggies ( the dip is pre-made from Zehrs- Presidents Choice) and some shrimp. Keep frozen shrimp on hand for a quick snack without the fat!

I had a friend over the other night. I also made some grilled marinated chicken on a stick, scallops, bruschetta, and a few other nibblers...Because we were more focused on the wine and good conversation...good times was had on the deck!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grilled Veggie and Goats cheese Panini

I LOVE Panini's. ( Ok, I seem to be saying that about every type of food? I just LOVE food in general)

I came up with this healthier version.

Grilled Vegetable and Goats Cheese Panini for 1

1/4 eggplant, peeled and sliced.
4 mushrooms, sliced
1/4 sliced green or red pepper
sun dried tomatoes, thinly sliced
2 Tbsp of Goats cheese
2 Tbsp Fat free Cream cheese
1 whole wheat pita

1.Put the eggplant on a paper towel and sprinkle with salt. Let sit for a few minutes, and then rinse off ( this takes the bitterness out of the eggplant)

2. Saute the vegetables in a frying pan with a splash of EVOO or becal spray until tender.

3. Mix goats cheese and cream cheese together. Spread inside pita. Fill pita with vegetables and put on the Panini Press. Heat and ENJOY!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Take a Hike!

I am always looking for stuff to do with the kids, that doesn't involve the TV, computer, or video games. How about HIKING! Nature, exercise AND family time. That has to be good for you!

That is the plan for tomorrow!

Apple, Fennel and Celery Salad

I tried this salad the other night. I am always looking for fun new side-dishes that are healthy.

This one fit the bill. I served it with grilled pork loin. Amazing. Great crunch and a nice new flavour that I am not use to. I will definitely make this one again.

Apple, Fennel and Celery Salad

1/2 c thinly sliced fennel
1/2 cup sliced celery
1/2 cup red seedless grapes, halved
1 red delicious apple, cored., peeled and chopped
1/4 c roasted walnuts, chopped


1/4 c plan yogurt
1 tbsp liquid honey
2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp poppy seeds
pinch of salt and paprika

mix the dressing together and mix over salad ingredients.

4 servings. 122 cal, 2 g protein, 6 g of fat, 2 g fibre

Never leave the house without....

Your body fuel!

Seriously, if there is something that I have learned, it is that I must NEVER allow myself to get to the point where I am STARVING...because if I do, my car tends to drive to the nearest fast food joint and I go nuts! What a waste....crappy food due to a craving! Save those grams of fat for good ones like a juicy steak later that night!

SO this is what I tend to pack in my car to keep beside me during my morning/early afternoon errands. IF I do this, I know I will be fine.

Extra lean breakfast sandwich

I like to keep my grams of fat to the minimum during the day and week-days as I love to indulge in the foods that give me great pleasure---CHEESE especially during the week-ends, or dinner.

So I start my day with this. Prior to going to the gym. It keeps me satisfied and tastes great.

Weight Watcher bagel- toasted
cooked egg whites with veggies- I used mushrooms in this one
Tomato slice
Reduced fat shredded cheese- just a Tbsp or so
fat free sour cream.

I add a half of a grapefruit with that and another slice of tomato and I am lucky if I can eat all of it. Very good and keeps me satisfied.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breakfast Sandwiches for the Family

A great way to start your day! FUEL your body.

My kids and husband LOVE these. They are so easy to make. Plus it keeps them satisfied until lunch, without any trans fats.

Toast an English muffin ( whole wheat would be best)
Fry an egg in a non-stick pan OR microwave an egg in a microwaveable dish.
Cook some Canadian bacon, ham, turkey sausage, whatever you have. Pick something lean.

Put the egg and meat on the english muffin. No butter needed. Add some cheese, a slice of tomato, and voila! ( this takes me 5 minutes to make for everyone each morning) VERY little clean-up.

I add some fruit to the plate and they have a meal that is lean, satisfying and meets the Nutitional Food Plan.


I LOVE food!

I LOVE food...all foods, I love wine, I love cooking and entertaining...and I certainly don't like feeling hungry!

However, I noticed that my FOODIE lifestyle was causing me to gain weight! Imagine that!?

I didn't want to give up my food, or having fun in the kitchen, but I didn't want to continue to gain weight.

So I joined Weight Watchers and lost the 10-12 lbs I needed and then kept it off by changing the way I cooked, and started moving more. It is possible to eat well, have fun and NOT gain! Yipee!

So stayed tuned to view my recipes that will fill you up, taste wondeful, meet the basic food groups and still have fun entertaining! * cheers!*