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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AN honour to meet Celebrity Chef Mark McEwen!

I shared this on my family, personal link. Yes, I have 2 blogs. One solely for food and fitness, and the other? Anything and everything I want to share!

Since it is food related, I would love to share my story meeting Mark McEwen and our fabulous night of good food!

Click ,
 if you'd like to read!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Eats- Georgian Bay...

Low Carb Dinner- Ribbons of Zucchini Pasta with lemon and garlic. Chicken breast grilled with vegetables, escargot,  garlic,  swiss cheese ,wine and herbs

Turkey Meatballs smothered in home-made tomato sauce, with fresh basil served on Spaghetti squash.

Steph's Canadian Caesar Appetizer! Truly SUMMER!

After the market! Fresh peppers stuffed with rice, beans and cheese, mini pizzas with fresh  tomatoes, ripped basil and southern Ontario peaches and cream corn on the cob. All cooked on the grill. Pure Summerbliss!

Pan seared scallops with white wine, and garlic, served on salad with goats cheese and and sunflower seeds.

Good times on the deck!

FRESH Georgian Bay Lake Trout---5.5 lbs. caught in our backyard..

lightly breaded and pan fried GOODNESS!  The best fish I have had in a very long time...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pretty Biking Gear! Who said you have to wear those ugly cycling outfits!?

Since I am a Spin Teacher now, and going to France to bike for a few days, I thought I needed some new clothes.

Not to mention, I have quite the reputation at the Y.   One of the girls that works there, told me today, that she has missed seeing me this summer ( I am home with the kids more) and all of my cute and new exercise outfits! ha!

I am such a clothes whore! ( hate that word, but it is true! lol)

So guess what I found!? 

A biking dress! Superstar Cycling Dress

by Pearl Izumi

 Yes, THIS little black dress has a built in padding on the saddle and shorty shorts..so you can ride and look cute at the same time!  I had to get it!

and the padded cycling SKORT!  Nice!

and you can't ride without this little saddle bag!

I'm so excited for my order to arrive!